About SLSI

Education and inspiration are the keys to creating capable, humane and ethical leaders. SLSI is a not-for-profit organization that works with youth and students of all ages to inspire, educate and encourage them to help the people in their world and thereby set an example for others to follow. Thus we create leaders.

Every year SLSI presents the SLSI Leadership award to a few stellar people who join us in helping youth realize their potential as leaders. Thus we encourage leaders of leaders.
As well, SLSI runs the Shuttleworth Schools. The two schools offer traditional academic curricula for K-12 students, with an emphasis on literacy in all disciplines and hands-on application of knowledge.

We also develop curriculum and materials having to do with responsibility, leadership, human rights and other values.

We develop educational projects for social change.
UNITED Creating Social Change!

Just 5 minutes long, this surprising hip-hop musical video teaches the importance of human rights, while addressing the issue of bullying.

Award-winning and critically acclaimed, "UNITED" is a fresh and electrifying story of one kid fighting for his right to play. When bullies take over the playground, one kid has the courage to stand his ground, but not without help. How he does this and the ending scene will surprise you.

A valuable tool for classrooms and youth development programs, this exciting video is used to communicate important values to at-risk youth and college-bound scholars alike, in a way that is appealing, emotional and impactful.

Co-produced by SLSI and TXL Films, "UNITED" has earned awards and accolades all over the world:

Winner of 9 international film festivals.

"Powerful!" --Style Magazine

"Inspiring!" --Carol Johnson, WB-TV

"Pure genius. Easily one of the most important human rights films of the decade." --King Kwesi Atta II, Cape Coast, Ghana

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