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Shuttleworth Schools
The Shuttleworth Schools consist of an upper school, Shuttleworth Academy, and a lower school, Mary’s Schoolhouse. These not-for-profit schools serve to provide a quality education for families of all income levels. The strong phonics program and literacy emphasis produces high test scores, while the hands-on service-oriented focus produces students with a sense of duty to the community and ability and confidence to change conditions around them for the better. The schools also serve as a pilot for the development of new curricula.

The Y.E.S.S! (Youth Excelling in Spirit of Service) program encourages youth to give of themselves in service to their families, community and fellow man. It provides easy projects in which young people can participate and it recognizes them for their selfless work. This program makes it easy, fun and rewarding to help others.

The community tutoring project has produced spectacular results in math and English literacy and grade-level improvement for students of all ages. Collaborating with Dream Builders to provide tutoring under the Federal Government’s Beyond the Bell program No Child Left Behind, SLSI has tutored hundreds of students from low income families in the Hollywood and surrounding areas free of charge, 5 days a week after school.

From 1998 to 2006, SLSI sponsored the H.E.L.P. project to provide training for volunteer tutors and tutoring for students free of charge from the surrounding community. Every Saturday our doors were open to the public for free tutor training and tutoring.

The 5 minute hip-hop music video is story-driven with music appealing to all ages. The film depicts an inner-city kid with a heart for basketball (played by 11-year-old Andre Boydon) who is confronted by a gang of bullies and their leader (Eric Forte), and has to fight for his right to play. What makes UNITED great is how Andre’s character accomplishes this without violence. UNITED has won awards in major film festivals all over the world and in 2006 qualified for Academy Award nomination.

The United Human Rights Handbook contains 10 lessons plus activities, to teach human rights based on the award-winning music video UNITED and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Teachers and youth leaders are given easy to follow lesson plans and background material. The handbook comes with appealing audio-visual material to complement the activity-based lessons. The UNITED Human Rights Handbook has been embraced by the Nevada State PTA and in many areas of the world, including the country of Ghana in Africa.

Room 27
Inspired by the quote by Henry David Thoreau, "Things do not change; we change." This captivating 15-minute film is full of powerful visuals that deliver us bluntly to that place we all try to avoid, and shows us that at some point we all must face our disabilities and that each of us has the power to change. Using creative storytelling this short film encourages individuals to change their attitudes in order to change their world. Produced by Mike Hedge and directed by Taron Lexton. SLSI supported the young filmmakers, providing manpower and other contributions so they could tell the inspiring story in their hearts. First runner up at the BAFTA/LA Student Film Awards! (BAFTA stands for British Academy of Film and Television Arts which are the student Academy Awards in England.)

SLSI encouraged this young filmmaker to tell her story in this short film about the tragedy of discrimination and the hope of tolerance. Co-produced by SLSI, the result is a labor of love for this creative leader and a message from which anyone can learn.
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