Who We Are
Our Long Term Vision

Our goal is to see a world where capable, humane and ethical leaders are improving conditions in both small and large spheres. They might be leaders in families, small groups such as in the workplace, large groups such as nations or they might just be influencing by good example, the strangers around them.


Our purpose is to inspire youth and young adults through education and practical experience that gives them the values, skills, opportunities and confidence to become capable, humane and ethical leaders in any sphere of their lives.

Important Policies

SLSI does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age in its programs, activities or in its hiring and employment practices.

Leadership starts with something to care about: an interest in something and a desire to help. Leadership is made capable through knowledge, responsibility and competence. Leadership is greatly aided by mentorship, literacy, awareness of human rights, communication skills, a ready affinity for others, ethics and organization skills. These things will be encouraged.

We support and encourage people of good will.

Our students and staff will set a good example for others.

When something positive is happening, recognize it. ThenĀ encourage it, help it and/or validate it. Make it grow.

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